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Title: cryptic_factory
Version: 1.3.37
Bots: yes
Vehicles: no
BuyZone: yes
Size: 14.3 MB
Time of day: Night
Map size: medium
Environment: outside/inside
SupportedPalayers: 28 Players

MapStory: We have located a small port where a group of Terrorist forces have taken as the centre point of operation for their drug trafficking scheme Counter Terrorists will be storming to areas from the west car park. All main power to the factory can be controlled from a central power box located out the back of the factory. Good luck to both forces.

Description: This is Bondcorp's first CS:S map it is a small island warehouse and port that has been taken by the terrorists forces
to be used in their drug traffiking scheme And it is your job to defend or infiltrate it. There is a small power switch box that
controls the lights for the facility at the back of the factory. Use them to your advanteage and disorientate your oppenent and
move in before they strike back.

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