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Super Glitch BoB


This Game was made in 48 Houres During the NSI Games Winter Game Jam with a team of 4.
Super Glitch Bob is a 3rd person endless runner in which two players compete against each other and try to defeat one another by sabotaging the opponent's running course.

Key Features
2 Player Local Multiplayer
Endless Running Course
Increasingly Running Speed
Increasingly Hard Obstacles
Glitch Power (makes you immune for x seconds)
Randomised 6 Power Ups

Download Links
Click Here To Download From MegaBitStudios

The goal of each player is to achieve the defeat of their opponent by interfering with the opponent's running course using randomised power ups that can be found throughout the track.
Meanwhile, each player has to manage to endure the increasingly difficult obstacles appearing along their own course, alongside the increasing running speed.
The defeat of the opponent is achieved by sabotaging the opponent running experience on its won course and causing the opponent to take damage, unless the opponent takes damage on its own by either hitting obstacles or falling of the running path.

Atmosphere & Mood
Super Glitch Bob is set within a surreal virtual environment suspended within a star-filled void. The visuals of the game are borrowed from the style and vibe of arcade and pc games of past generations. Super Glitch Bob displays a vibrant and electric color palette with a preference for reds, pinks, and purples.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP2+ or Later
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core I3 Dual Core Processor or Better
Memory: 4GB Ram or Better
Graphics: Nvidia & AMD (512MB VRAM)
DirectX®:9.0 (shader model 3.0) or DirectX®:11
Hard Drive: 150MB HD space

Left Player:
Jump : W
Movement Left-Right : A/D
Left ALT: Glitch
Left CTRL: Power Up

Right Player:
Jump : Up Arrow
Movement Left-Right: Arrows
Right ALT: Glitch
Right CTRL: Power Up

In Depth Break Down
The running course is made by floating platforms randomly arranged to form the track as the player progresses forward. Each platform might be empty or contain a random obstacle.
As the game keeps going, the difficulty of the obstacles increases as well as their regularity. The running speed of the player also procedurally increases.
Players have the “glitch” power which allows them to phase along the track allowing them to pass through obstacles and moving through empty spaces without the need to jump
Player find along the track power ups which granted one of six different effects at random.
Each power up ,once used, affects the track of the opponent in different ways.

Download Links

Click Here To Download From MegaBitStudios