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Space Defender 3D Current Version 1100


Space Defender is a 3D third person base defence shmup, consisting of progressively difficult waves of enemies, with the player defending the core in the center of the map from enemy space craft that increase in frequency and numbers spawned as the waves consistently increment.

You have discovered a plot to destroy your space station and you ordered all the workers and civilians to depart the station until the threat has been eliminated. It is your job as the captain of the space station to controls an unmanned fighter and desperately trying to stop the enemy bombers from causing enough damage to the space station's power core to cause it to implode, thus causing the shield generator for the space station to deplete so that enemies mother ship can make a final attack to destroy the space station. Good luck Captain!!!

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Key Features
Controller (xbox360 untested with others)
Online Leader Boards
Increasingly Difficult Waves
Rapid Fire Power Up
Auto Updater

Your goal is to defend the core of the space station against squadrons of enemy bombers by shooting them with guns that fire forwards from launchers under your ships wings.
Avoid hitting the enemies yourself or you lose. Survive 10 waves and you win and receive a score based on the remaining core health and shots fired. If the core is destroyed will have lost the game so, defend it well.

Atmosphere & Mood
Space Defender is set in a space an industrial space station that has been around for a few years that has some tarnish, dirt and weathering that has good lighting and sign that it is still populated in short a space station that is not brand new and is showing some signs of wear and tear with bright active power core.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP2+ or Later
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core I3 Dual Core Processor or Better
Memory: 4GB Ram or Better
Graphics: Nvidia & AMD (512MB VRAM)
DirectX®:9.0 (shader model 3.0) or DirectX®:11
Hard Drive: 250MB HD space

W = Fly Forwards
A = Rotate Left
D = Rotate Right
X = Mute Audio
M = Menu / Pause
T = FPS Count
Enter = Toggle Game Start
Space = Fire Guns
Escape = Quit Game

Controller (360)
B = Mute Audio
Y = Menu / Pause
A = Fire Guns
Start = Toggle Game Start
Select = Quit Game
Left Analog Stick = Fly Forwards
Left Analog Stick = Rotate Left
Left Analog Stick = Rotate Right

In Depth Break Down
The waves consist of 2 types of enemy ships, the main type being a ship that makes a beeline for the core and eventually crash into the core causing damage, the second is a power up this ship is indicated with a blue colour upon destroying this ship the main turrets will rapidly fire for a short period of time, if missed and crashes in to the core the ship will cause damage.
The space station has a core located in the centre where the enemies will make their way to attempt to destroy the core, the level itself will have 4 blast doors where the enemies come in threw but the play cannot travel out threw the doors,  the room itself is shaped in a hexagonal shape and has a used metal overtone there is a number indicator at the side of all  of the blast doors so that the is an indication of location with in the world along with coloured pipes from the core to each of the doors.
The player ship has a basic rapid fire from a turret on each of the ship's wings that kills enemies in 1 hits if the player crashes into the enemy it will be destroyed upon shooting the power up the turrets will be over loaded and shoot more the twice as fast.

As you Progress through the game enemies will spawn on each of the 4 spawn location and make their way to the core if they hit the core causing 1% of damage, to win the game the player will have to prevent the enemies from destroying the core after 10 waves the player will win the game and a score will be generated based on how many enemies were killed and the cores health and accuracy (calculation enemies killed times core health minus shots fired).

Download Links

Click Here To Download From MegaBitStudios