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Title: Go_Kart
Map Vertion: 0.4
Bots: no
Vehicles: Yes
BuyZone: Yes
Map Size: Medium
File Size: 2.33MB
Time Of Day: Day
Environment: Inside/Outside

This map was created as a test to see if a cs map could be mad with a vehicle you can race, yes this did work but find out later that the half-life engine cannot handle terrain that is not flat very well when using moving object over the inclines, there were a lot of glitches  when going over the inclines on the map from getting thrown out of the vehicle and even glitching threw the floor, after working on this project and trying to find a way to overcome these problems a fix could not be found so production on this project was stopped to work on our next map known as Shipping_Alert.
To activate the vehicle simply stand in the centre of the vehicle and look at the steering wheel and press “E” and watch the mayhem begin.

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